Two reason's your company should use Jade Insight's free tier today.

1. The METRC Monitor

Jade digs through your METRC data regularly to find and anticipate and transactions that could result in fines from the state.

2. The METRC Data Analyzer

Jade utilize the data inside your METRC account to help make business decisions. Do not spend hours building reports from METRC data when Jade does it automatically.
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The METRC Monitor

Red Flags

Jade monitors your METRC account and looks for any “Red Flags” that regulators are looking for. Inappropriate data in METRC could be fined up to $10,000.

Transactional Compliance

METRC is a track-and-trace tool for the state. It is not built for the business. As a result, in METRC, users can execute illegal transactions. Jade is able to decypher if these transactions are compliant to keep your organization running compliantly.

Keep a clean and healthy METRC

When using METRC, many businesses slowly start to clog up their account with old harvest batches or inactive inventory that essentially “sinks to the bottom.” Jade is able to find these objects and help you keep a clean and healthy METRC.

The METRC Data Analyzer

Make use of METRC Data

Cannabis businesses, by state requirements, must input a rich set of operational data into METRC. Whether using a 3rd party tool or the METRC user interface, the data lives inside of METRC. Since you are already spending resources to update METRC, maximize the value of this data by using Jade Insights to understand inventory, yields, historical trends and more.

Run a KPI driven business

The cannabis industry is fun, hectic industry to be a part of. Like all industries, margins start to get tighter as more players get in. That is why, for a canna-business, it is essential to be a data-driven operation. Monitor daily Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in one place to hold your team and your business accountable.

Understand the Trends

Compiling and understanding operational data can be a big pain-in-the-butt for many industry operators. Using the METRC data analyzer, you can get a great picture of your companies trends in one place. If METRC data isn’t enough for your needs, talk to our team about upgrading to other integrations and data sets to paint the full picture.


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Within a few minutes, you will be able to access relevant insights for your business. Any employee of a Colorado MED licensed facility can access insights but for full capability, the company’s METRC admin must log in.

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